Photo shows a yellow skip on a pavememnt and historic buildings in the background revealing Grimsby's fishing heritage
Grimsby was once the largest fishing port the world has ever seen, at its peak in the 19th and early 20th centuries. © Historic England DP174856
Grimsby was once the largest fishing port the world has ever seen, at its peak in the 19th and early 20th centuries. © Historic England DP174856

Greater Grimsby Heritage Action Zone

The unique heritage of Grimsby, once the world's busiest fishing port, is set to become an engine for the town's regeneration. The Greater Grimsby Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) is at the heart of the 'Town Deal' which maps out future investment in Grimsby's economy and environment.

The 'Greater Grimsby Heritage Action Zone' stretches from the Kasbah, a historic portside area of smoke houses, shops and factories associated with the fishing industry, along Alexandra Dock to the town centre. For the local authority, North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC), and the Kasbah's owners, Associated British Ports (ABP), heritage-led regeneration is crucial to the future of the port and town. 

Explore Greater Grimsby's heritage on a map of the HAZ

Between 2018 and 2023 the programme will make an important contribution to NELC's Town Centre Investment Plan and to the Great Grimsby Town Deal, an ambitious package of plans led by North East Lincolnshire Council for investment by government and local agencies, including Humber Local Enterprise Partnership.

Empty and neglected premises in the Kasbah and the town centre will open once again for business, thanks to a scheme for to repair and improve historic buildings. We're keen to hear from businesses and people who would like to be part of the regeneration of the port and town.

Historic England's research and listing staff will investigate Grimsby's historic buildings so that they receive the recognition they deserve. Informed by historic documents held by ABP, their findings will enrich local museums and archives as part of a wider Culture, Heritage and Tourism Strategy and Heritage Action Plan. Local residents and businesses will find new opportunities to benefit from their local heritage, and visitors will discover a warmer welcome and a rewarding experience in Grimsby.

Investing in Grimsby’s future

The bulk of Historic England's funding will be invested in a partnership scheme to repair and improve historic buildings in the Kasbah, an area already renowned for its historic smokehouses, some of which are still in use. The Kasbah was designated as a Conservation Area in 2017, and funds from North East Lincolnshire, Historic England and ABP will give its historic buildings a new lease of life.

As a further contribution to the Kasbah's regeneration, ABP will develop services to support new renewable energy industries, including a Marine Support Centre for energy workers. We will provide support and advice to the Great Grimsby Ice Factory Trust and partners to create a future for the Ice Factory, an important building at risk which stands at the gateway to the Kasbah.

The HAZ will reconnect the town centre with the port by promoting re-use of historic buildings along Alexandra Dock. These include Victoria Mills, where the council has spent more than £2million on urgent repairs, including grant-aid from Historic England. Towards the town centre itself, further HAZ projects focus on the repair and re-use of vacant listed buildings such as the Cooperage, West Haven Maltings and Haven Mill, and creating open space for events and activities around St James's Minster.

Historic England will contribute £500,000 over five years towards the partnership scheme to regenerate the Kasbah, and a further £120,000 of revenue funding to get other projects off the ground. The overall programme is already worth over £3.7 million thanks to contributions from North East Lincolnshire Council, their partners Engie, ABP and Humber Local Enterprise Partnership, and could be boosted further by grants from additional funders.

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