Emergency Planning and Fire Advice

Our aim is to help the heritage sector by providing expertise and support in fire safety and emergency planning. We encourage knowledge transfer and facilitate the development of partnerships between sector partners.
  • Salvage teams working with the Fire & Rescue Service, Handsworth, Birmingham

    Emergency Planning Advice

    Emergency planning is about assessing risks and finding ways of mitigating those risks or reducing their impact with an emergency plan.

  • A collection of printed Emergency Response Plan templates

    Emergency Response Plans

    Find out how to write an emergency plan and download our templates.

  • First aid treatment for wet and damaged books

    Preparedness Training

    Advice for anyone who is expected to take charge of an emergency situation or participate in the salvage and protection of artefacts.

  • In case of fire break glass

    Fire Advice

    Fire is probably the most devastating of disasters that can strike a building. We publish advice and best practice for the heritage sector.

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