Bay sash window painted with rainbow and hearts
© Katharine Grice
© Katharine Grice

#Picturing Lockdown

Submissions closed

Thank you for your contributions. We will be in touch soon.

We’re facing one of the most extraordinary moments in living memory. We are living through history.

Historic England wants to record our collective experience in these extraordinary times, spark a conversation about identity and its connection to history and place, and help people navigate their way through with reflection, expression and creativity.

For one week, starting Wednesday 29 April, we are asking artists and members of the public to submit photos to express their feelings and record their experience of one week in lock down. From rainbows in windows to star jumps on balconies, show us what lockdown means to you.

Submissions closed

We asked you to record your week in lock down between 29 April to 5 May. Thank you for all the wonderful contributions you have sent in. Will be in contact soon.

What happens next?

We'll take the 50 most evocative, informative and inspiring of your submissions and pair them with 50 professional offerings to collect 100 images to be catalogued by the Historic England Archive and will be made freely accessible online.

With its origins recording the destruction of buildings in the Second World War, the Historic England Archive has a long history of documenting the archaeology, historic buildings and social history of England. #PicturingLockdown offers an opportunity for us all to reflect on recent events and what they mean to us, share our thoughts and experiences with others, and record them for future generations.

How do I take part?

Please make sure you keep to social distancing measures when taking part in this project and only go outside for food, health reasons or for work if you cannot work from home.

Submissions are now closed

Terms and conditions

Remember to also share your image on social using #PicturingLockdown

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