Screen grab of a History Pin map of England titled Pride of Place: England's LGBTQ Heritage.

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The Pride of Place interactive map allows you to explore LGBTQ history by place and add in places that you care about. Start exploring

Your Contributions to Pride of Place

A key feature of Pride of Place is an interactive crowd-sourced map hosted by Historypin. Members of the public have placed thousands of pins on the map that identify places that are relevant to LGBTQ heritage and history.

Pride of Place Map

Share the places you care about on our interactive Historypin map where you can:

  • Plot your own LGBTQ heritage places
  • See what buildings and landscapes others are highlighting
  • Pinpoint well-known places that have a secret LGBTQ history
  • Add images and videos
Explore the map

The Pride of Place LGBTQ heritage pages on this website build on this public contribution by sharing the LGBTQ locations that people have recorded. Many include stories that have come from contributors’ own lives, and together they help to constitute a broad and inclusive queer heritage. Pride of Place also draws from the increasing body of wider research into our queer past by local and community groups and by academics.

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