Early Neolithic Tool Kit

This collection of flints shows the range of stone tools used by people during the early part of the Neolithic (New Stone Age). It includes an end scraper (top left); flint cores (top right); long end scraper (middle left); end and side scraper (middle left below long end scraper); polished flint axes (middle right); serrated blade in bottom left; laurel-leaf blade (bottom 2nd left); leaf shaped arrow heads (bottom centre) and sickle blade (bottom right). Scrapers were used for cleaning animal skins in the process of making leather. The axeheads were fixed into a wooden handle and used like axes today. Blades were used as knives. Arrowheads were fixed to wooden shafts to make arrows for hunting. Several sickle blades would have been attached to a curved piece of wood or antler to form a sickle for cutting crops.




Prehistoric (to AD42)



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