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On this page there are links to free online research, leaflets, booklets, and guidelines on the subject of military heritage.

Conservation Bulletin 71

Published 1 November 2013

The remains of the First World War are all around us, but we do not always know how to see them - or how to connect with the millions of personal stories with which they are inextricably linked.

Suffolk’s Defended Shore: Coastal fortifications from the air

Published 15 July 2007

Presents an illustrated history of the development of military defences on the Suffolk coast using data collected as part of the English Heritage national survey. This survey included examination of modern and historic aerial photographs.

Prisoner of War Camps (1939 - 1948)

Published 1 November 2003

Twentieth Century Military Recording Project. For the purposes of this report a Prisoner of War camp will be any site or building that has been used to house military prisoners captured by the Allies and which appeared in the numerical listing system used by the British authorities.

Historic Military Aviation Sites

Published 19 October 2016

This leaflet provides guidance on the management of historic military airfields and their associated buildings so that their special character and interest are preserved and enhanced.

Civil Defence - From the First World War to the Cold War

Published 20 October 2016

This document looks at the range of civil defence buildings used in the Second World War through to the Cold War.

You can also access free downloads of reports about military heritage from our Research Reports Series database. 

Here are some examples:

First World War Fieldworks in England

First World War National Factories

First World War Wireless Stations in England

The Home Front (1914-1918) and its Legacies: a Pilot Study

East Coast War Channels in the First and Second World Wars

Drill Halls: A National Overview

Nine Thousand Miles of Concrete: A review of Second World War Temporary Airfields in England

Former RAF Upper Heyford, Cherwell Oxfordshire

The Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, Orford Ness, Suffolk: Cold War Research & Development Site

Strategic Assessment of Submarines in English Waters

Ministry of Defence Disposals Pilot Study

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