Lodge Hill Battery, Cooling, Medway, Kent: An investigation of the first world war anti-aircraft battery

Author(s): Paul Pattison

The First World War batteries on Lodge Hill (1442424) and Beacon Hill (1474255) were the first permanent anti-aircraft gun sites in Britain. In January 2006, staff from the Archaeological Survey & Investigation (Cambridge) section of English Heritage carried out detailed survey and investigation on the site of a First World War anti-aircraft (AA) battery on Lodge Hill, in the parish of Cooling, Kent. This work was undertaken in order to prepare a detailed record of an extremely rare and well-preserved site of national importance. At the same time, the team also briefly examined the site of a sister battery on nearby Beacon Hill. The site of Lodge Hill battery is situated within a former military training area including Lodge Hill Camp, and close to the former Lodge Hill naval magazine enclosure. The military area is now disused and allocated for disposal by the Ministry of Defence to private ownership with associated development. Lodge Hill was scheduled in 2012, NHLE 1401714.

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Research Department Reports
Modern Standing Building Anti-Aircraft Battery First World War


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