The Church Of All Saints, North End, Ravenstone, Near Olney, Buckinghamshire: Tree-Ring Analysis of Timbers

Author(s): Alison Arnold, Robert Howard

Analysis of 11 samples from the bellframe and eight from other beams within the west tower of the Church of All Saints, Ravenstone, indicates that timbers with different felling dates are present. The earliest material detected is a beam of a partial, lower, floor frame, which has an estimated felling date in the range AD 1149–74. It is likely that one upper beam, supporting the floor of the winding chamber, was felled in the period the AD 1176–1201, while another upper beam was felled in the period AD 1193–1228. Hence it is possible that these two timbers share a single felling date some time in the period AD 1193–1201. Given that the tower is not believed to have been built until the midthirteenth century, it is possible that these are reused timbers. The timbers of the bellframe have an estimated felling date in the period AD 1651–76.

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